She comes from a long line of female ninjas called kunoichi…

Created by Ren Hanámi

A fashionista teen must navigate high school while also contending with her secret identity as the next in line of a venerable ninja family whose mission is to keep the world safe from ancient Asian monsters.

The award-winning short film inspired by the series:

The award-winning short film inspired by the series

Fashionista Ninja Logo

“Fashionista Ninja” is a family action-fantasy series that revolves around KIMI HANNA, a fashion savvy teen who tries to balance her responsibilities as a high school student and a Kunoichi (female ninja warrior). Where “Buffy” fought European vampires in suburbia, Kimi fights Asian monsters called yokai.

The show features a mixed-Asian female protagonist who finds herself in a battle with the ancient kitsune (9 tailed fox woman villain), UKI. As a ninja, Kimi has to keep the world safe, but at school she has a different super power. She uses her passion for fashion to help her friends, and the other girls who are often bullied, to find their inner power to stand up for themselves.